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About Me

Growing up in Jamaica, I don’t remember being taught specifically how to cook,  I grew up around my mother, grand mother, aunties, brother that always did the cooking, I used to watch how they did things, now and again we were asked to maybe turn the chicken in the pot, cut up the seasoning, grate the coconut, strip the callaloo, mix the drinks etc, whatever it was, we got involved. Then, there were cousins and friends who used to regularly cook lunch or a late night pot, which we would refer to as “ run a boat” now these were always some random mix up tings, but the best tasting.

I migrated to London at the age of 12 to a completely different culture, I got introduced to a different range of food through family and friends, whilst at home my mom did all the cooking, which was mainly back home cuisine.

I knew my way around the kitchen as I often made breakfast which was eggs, plantain sausages, toast, or placing burgers and chips in the oven. I remembered roughly around age 14 I cooked an entire meal all by myself, my mom worked shifts, I remember it was a Sunday, I didn’t want her to return from work  and had to cook, because it was Sunday it had to be Rice and Peas with Fry Chicken, of course it wasn’t perfect but my mom ate it with pride, she told me how to correct my mistakes, I tried  again at every opportunity until I learnt , then I started to experiment whether it was different methods of cooking or flavours.

Throughout the years I learnt from being around different people, seeing how they did things and tried my own version and here I am decades later, still learning and still experimenting.  

Experiences go a long way therefore I have created this space to share with you what I have learnt and how I get my food tasting really good.

I am not a professional chef, I just love food especially when it taste good, my methods will not be for everyone and I may do things differently from how you do it and that’s ok, if this page is not for you, thank you for visiting.